Guidestar Optical Systems maintains an optical integration and test laboratory at its Longmont, CO, facility. In 2015, we doubled the size of our laboratory space to perform development and testing of advanced optical systems with a high degree of traceability to operational requirements.

Guidestar has a flexible, state-of-the-art laboratory facility for cutting-edge optical research and development in imaging, tracking, wavefront sensing, and adaptive optics systems developed from experience gained in working in successful government and industry laboratories. In early 2018, Guidestar expanded its operations into a 5,000 square foot facility in Longmont, CO, dedicated to advanced optical system development. Three optical and electronics integration and test laboratories comprise approximately 2,000 square feet of this space providing immediate access to hardware required for development, prototyping, and testing. Guidestar maintains a Class 10,000 clean room, optical subassembly areas, and an electronics integration and assembly area.

Hardware to support laboratory development, prototyping, and testing includes multiple cameras and laser sources (visible and infrared), several fast steering mirrors and deformable mirrors (MEMS and piezo-actuators), a multi-layer atmospheric turbulence simulator, and a large stock of commercial optical and opto-mechanical components as well as power supplies, signal generators, detectors, oscilloscopes and high-speed processing electronics.

Guidestar maintains several high-power computing systems for high fidelity modeling and simulation of optical systems. Guidestar maintains several software testbeds for the development of system modeling tools as well as embedded software solutions for our real time tracking and AO systems. Guidestar has internally developed wave optics capabilities for physics-based modeling of wave propagation and light interaction with matter as well as commercial software packages, such as Zemax and SolidWorks, for optical and mechanical design and engineering tasks that support hardware development and production.