About Us


Guidestar Optical Systems is located in Longmont, Colorado. The company was founded in 2013 to provide advanced optical solutions for light propagation and imaging in challenging environments. The founders of the company, Troy Rhoadarmer and Aaron Buckner, have over 35 years of combined experience developing advanced Adaptive Optical (AO) and beam control solutions, from the design and development of innovative wavefront sensing and beam control development to system engineering and integration of a full high-energy laser weapon system. Through this experience working in the field of AO for directed energy and imaging applications, they have attained a breadth of knowledge that spans the entire beam control system development cycle, allowing them to support system level analysis, design, and development of AO and beam control systems.

Our engineers have developed patented technologies related to the development of advanced AO concepts and technologies for these applications, and have transitioned these technologies from the conceptual design into integrated systems. Our Engineering Team’s expertise and experience spans the entire electro-opto-mechanical system development cycle,  from the analysis, design and development of innovative wavefront sensing and beam control architectures to system engineering and evaluation to integration and testing of complete systems for field operations.


Troy Rhoadarmer – Principal Scientist

As President and Principal Scientist, Dr. Rhoadarmer maintains key leadership and technical roles on all Guidestar Optical Systems’ programs, ranging from program management and principal investigator to analysis and modeling to hardware system design, development and evaluation.

Dr. Rhoadarmer has over 25 years of experience in optical engineering. His technical achievements cover the full range of research and development activities from theoretical analysis, modeling and simulation, innovative concepts, system design, hardware development, integration, evaluation and optimization. He is recognized as a leader in adaptive optics, and beam control.

Dr. Rhoadarmer received his PhD in Optical Sciences from the University of Arizona for his work related to the development of the AO system for the MMT 6.5-m monolithic mirror upgrade. He received a master of science degree in Electro-Optics from the University of Dayton and a bachelor of science degree in Physics from Seattle Pacific University.

Aaron Buckner – Chief Engineer

As Vice President and Chief Engineer, Mr. Buckner is responsible for all aspects of company operation. He serves a key technical role in almost all of Guidestar Optical Systems’ programs, which range from modeling and simulation of advanced optical systems to the integration and test of deployed systems in the field.

Mr. Buckner has more than 15 years of experience in cutting edge optical system design and development, particularly in the area of target acquisition, tracking, and adaptive optics. Current responsibilities include management of engineering and integration activities, planning and integrating systems for both research and production, and specifying and planning new systems.

Mr. Buckner received his master of science degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Notre Dame for his work in the characterization and adaptive optical correction of aero-optics turbulence. He received his bachelor of science degree in Physics from Moravian College.